Dorsey Trailers is one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the country thanks to their leadership in aluminum construction. Today, they make a wide range of flatbed, intermodal and van trailers.


Dorsey Trailer History

Dorsey started in 1910 as a machine shop in Elba, Alabama. Surrounded by the state’s booming forestry industry, the small shop soon switched to building logging trailers. 10 years later, the company moved into a larger building, producing 25-30 logging trailers per day. In the early 1930s, they added freight trailers to their lineup, extending their reach across America.

Like many businesses, Dorsey was pushed into military construction in WWII and the Korean War. Their success led to contracts building trailers for rocket systems in the 1960s. As time went on, the company gradually transitioned from logging trailers to flatbed and van trailers. They were also one of the first companies to introduce aluminum construction, adding corrosion resistance and increasing payloads. 2007 marked a new chapter in Dorsey Trailer history. The company was bought by Pitts Enterprises, a nearby company that specializes in logging and construction trailers. Together with Pitts’ other manufacturers, they build a full line of semi trailers to fit every need.



Dorsey Trailers makes flatbeds in steel, aluminum and a combination of both metals. Their line includes drop deck and combo flat bed designs with a choice of air spread axles and spring sliders.

Moving Floor Vans

Available with a closed or open top, these moving floor vans have either Hallco or Keith moving floors installed at factory. Models are available in 96 and 102 inch widths with lengths ranging from 40-53 feet.

Drop Flats

Available in steel, aluminum and combination construction, Dorsey’s drop flats weigh as little as 9,230 lbs. and support up to 52,000 lbs. across just four feet of space. A coil package is available for hauling round objects.

Extendable Trailers

Dorsey offers steel extendable trailers in flatbed form that stretch from 48-80 feet or 53-90 feet, and drop flat form in 53-72 feet or 48-68 feet. Both trailer types are air actuated with stops every 5 feet.

Lowboys and Hydraulic Tails

Both lowboys and hydraulic tails have removable goosenecks, and can support over 100,000 lbs. They’re available with loaded deck heights ranging from 18 to 38 inches.

Tag Along Trailers

Dorsey builds tag along trailers with 20,000, 40,000 and 50,000 lb. payload ratings. They come with spring-assisted ramps and can be fitted with air or electric brakes. The 25 ton model is available with an apitong wood deck.

Chassis Trailers

These intermodal chassis trailers are available in two sizes. The 23.5 foot slider handles 20 foot ISO containers, while the 40 foot spring tandem can carry 20 and 40 foot ISO containers.

Tipper Vans

Available with an open or closed top, these tipper vans are built with aluminum walls supported by exterior posts. Dorsey makes trailers in 96 and 102 inch widths with lengths from 40 to 53 feet.